By: British Science Association - Edinburgh and South East Scotland Branch

Event Description

Welcome to Future Debates, a series of events supported by the British Science Association.

These events are part of our work to make science a fundamental part of British society and culture. We want to empower many more people – not just scientists – to constructively engage in debates over the applications and implications of science in their lives, their local economy and the UK’s future.

We have come to expect gadgets to make life easier and more enjoyable for us in our homes, at work and at play. But what do we make of the rapid advances in robotics and autonomous systems (driverless vehicles, service industry machines, logistics robots in warehouses, combat vehicles)? Are they to be welcomed as further progress or feared for unwanted impacts on our lives, our jobs and our society?

Join us for a debate hosted by the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics. Participate in discussions following a series of short talks from experts looking at various ways in which robotics and autonomous systems will affect our lives in the next decade.

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