The British Science Association's Isle of Wight Branch's sixth talk, it will be given by the Robert Hooke Society who will be talking about the significant experiments of Robert Hooke, including a demonstration of "Prince Rupert's Drops" and about the physics of glass.

You may be interested in the following talk on glass which was broadcast last Thursday 28 May on BBC Radio 4 "In Our Time".

Though glass items have been made for at least five thousand years, scientists are yet to explain conclusively what happens when the substance it is made from moves from a molten state to a hard transparent phase. It is said to be one of the great unsolved problems in physics.

This will be their last talk for the season until Monday 28 September.

Information about our venue - Regency Suite

For those who do not know The Regency Suite, is above the Conservative Club in Shanklin on Palmerston Road, just off The High Street. The nearest car parks are in Landguard Road and Orchardleigh Road, both only two or three minutes walk away. Parking is free after 6pm.

As they have to pay a rent for the facilities, they ask for a donation of at least £3 on the door to make sure they cover all their expenses. i.e. the rent, cost of speakers' travel expenses and a meal, plus overnight accommodation if needed.

The room in the Regency Suite seats over 100 people, it is carpeted, has its own private bar (it is used for wedding receptions etc.) and built-in projector and screen. It is a pleasant, quiet, and comfortable room with a loudspeaker system making it easy to hear the speaker.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to have a meal there unless you are a member of the Conservative Club. However, there are several restaurants nearby, or you could stop off at The Fighting Cocks on the way (allow 15 minutes to reach the Regency Suite and park!)

Car Sharing Scheme

The Isle of Wight Branch has a database for linking up people who are willing to give lifts to Café Sci meetings, or those who do not have their own transport or would like to share. Please take part in this scheme if you possibly can. Just contact the Branch if you can give lifts, or would like a lift, and from where. 

Booking for this event has now closed.