Rhythms of The Heart – Presented by ‘Jugular: Joining The Head and The Heart’


Inspired by everyday life and informed by specialist research, Jugular: Joining the Head and The Heart invite you to celebrate both your emotions and intellect through performance, spanning theatre, music, dance, spoken word and circus, all navigated by multi-media interactive talks from experts.

Performing artists, scientists and philosophers take inspiration from each other and offer different insights into ‘Heart, Emotions and Rhythms’:


Dr Cassandra Gould and Dr Charlotte Rae on Interoception, choirs and heart synchrony and fear response (Neuroscientists-Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science, Sussex),
Dr Anna Ciaunica (Philosopher, Centre for the Study of Senses, Institute of Philosophy) and Dr Jacques Launay (Experimental Psychologist, Oxford) on embodied consciousness, shared experience based on bodily rhythms such as music, movement-led synchrony and empathy.
Kishan Manani on atrial fibrillation and ‘spiral’ visualisations (Physicist and Complexity Scientist, Imperial College London).


Jugular Actor Ensemble: James Harper, Siane Medoes, Cara Emanuel-Risch, Ricky Humpage, Giulio Carini
Videographer: Richard Agnew
Choir Leader: Ellie Westbrook
Shadow Puppetry: Sian Kidd
Juggling and Contortion: Ed Gosling and Laurane Marchive (Chivaree Circus)
Folk Singer/Songwriter: Jamie Doe
Indian Fusion/Classical Singer/songwriter: Rita Morar
Composer and Choreographer/Dancer: Aleah Morrison and Nefeli Tsiouti
Playwrights: Sharmila Chauhan and Sophia Mertens
DJ Extraordinaire: Master Tom Dale.
Illustrator & Artwork: Femke Van Geffen
Workshop Facilitator and artistic feedback: Anna Saffery

From time immemorial, we have questioned our conscious experience of ourselves and the world around us, what our instinctual being knows and our rational minds think…and what exactly is the connection?

Consider the thought experiment ‘Floating Man’, by 11th Century Persian philosopher polymath Avicenna who asked if someone suspended in air, cut off from all external sensory experience, could possibly be aware of his own existence. An unsolvable metaphysical conundrum, except children often insist they KNOW their internal heartbeat…

Explore with scientists as they delve into ‘Interoception’, the physiological detection of one’s internal bodily processes – the ‘sixth sense’ through which we feel our heartbeat without taking a pulse and…

Share in an experience of collective empathy, as a choir synchronises their heartbeats and connects us all.

Other artists’ responses include devised multi-sensory performances, playwrights’ scripted musings, poets’ spoken word, contortionist and dancers’ rhythms and songwriters’ laments.

Drink it all in with our sense-boggling cocktails designed just for you by our expert mixologists, to titillate and tempt you, confuse and confound you until you can’t quite believe your tongue, nose or eyes! One free with each ticket so you’ll have no excuse to shake to the funky rhythms on the dance floor!

Friday 20 March 7:30pm evening show; Saturday 21 March 2:30pm matinee show. £6 early bird, £10 with a free cocktail.

FREE WORKSHOP – Saturday 21 March. Learn ground-breaking research with neuroscientists through theatre, storytelling and improvisation – open to everyone, suitable for families and children.”

Booking for this event has now closed.