Join Science London as we shrink ourselves down into the microscopic worlds of our next two brilliant speakers.

When he’s not swabbing beards for bacteria on BBC’s “Trust me, I’m a Doctor” or getting members of the public to search for new antibiotics through his Swab and Send project, Adam Roberts leads his research group at UCL who are investigating the intricacies of antimicrobial resistance and how bacteria can withstand pretty much anything we throw at them. Lightly tolling the bells of doom, he’ll be explaining why it’s a War of the Worlds between us and bacteria (and why you might just be on the wrong team).

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Charlotte Mykura loves to find herself knee-deep in the world of microbiology. She spends her days desperately grappling in the lab with brewer’s yeast (yes, the same that make that beer you’re sipping on) trying to understand the mysteries of chromosome biology. Whilst you humans might not look much like a yeast cell, Charlotte insists that when it comes to genetics you basically function the same way. The fabulous world of yeast can tell us a lot about ourselves, and all DNA-based life.

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