A day experimenting and looking closely at the science and mathematics involved in dyeing fibres and fabrics for use in the production of functional textile products!

Session A: Practical workshop (Suitable for KS3/4)

Learn how to:

- Preparing a dye bath using chemicals
- Prepare fibres/ fabric for dying.
- Apply the mathematics i.e. weighing and measuring involved in dying fibres /fabrics.
- Set up dying experiments for KS3 and 4 students
- Classroom resources to support effective classroom activities linked to dying fibres /fabrics. e.g. project ideas, active learning activities etc.
- Model risk assessments related to dyeing fibres /fabrics.
- Where to purchase the consumables resources needed for dying work.

Session B: Teaching and Learning

This workshop will include:

- Unpicking the New GCSE in Design and Technology in relation to Textiles.
- At least 10 different creative and imaginative science and mathematics focused activities to support the teaching of the new Design and Technology GCSE. Each activity will have teacher and student resources to support the planning, managing the activity in the classroom.
- All the supporting resources to teach a Silver CREST Award.

NB. The CREST Award scheme is managed by the British Science Association. This award scheme is recognised nationally by University Admissions Tutors.

Booking for this event has now closed.