Our speaker is Tim Gallagher, Professor of Organic Chemistry at Bristol University.

Tim says:
I am an organic chemist and my research has often been associated with the pharma industry. Many drugs are “small molecules” and the ability to make molecules in new ways, make them better and cleaner has been a focus for me.

I have collaborated with pharma (including doing consultancy and patent-based expert witness work, in UK, US and elsewhere), many of my PhD students and post-doctoral co-workers have pursued careers there.

Over the years, I have developed an interest in how the industry works and what their drivers are, and appreciate some of the issues the broader public have with questions around profit in health. I will try to provide an overview of the industry – it will necessarily involve some generalisations – and hope to provide the audience with an appreciation of some of the challenges that we all face.

This is a free event – arrive early to get a drink and find a good seat!

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