Join us at our first ever UK Science Festival Network conference. Explore best practices in diversifying audiencesprogramming and how to effectively evaluate events. There will also be plenty of opportunities to network and socialise with other conference attendees.

The UK science festival ecosystem is diverse and constantly evolving, but we rarely take the time to celebrate what we have achieved or to look ahead to some of the challenges and opportunities for the sector. This is where the UK Science Festivals Network comes in - we bring together science festivals and non-science festivals with scientific content to consider the highs, lows and future of festival organisation and management.

Although there will be a focus on festivals, the conference programme will be applicable and useful for anyone interested or involved in organising science events and activities in general.

Tickets: £80+VAT pp or £40+VAT pp for UKSFN members (buy your tickets and get more info here)

Questions? Please contact [email protected]