Holly Rogers
Volunteer programme: Branches – Science Brainwaves, South Yorkshire Branch
Occupation: Science Communication Student

What is your role within the Branch? I’m Head of Events for our branch – this involves coming up with ideas for activities, liaising with speakers and scientific experts, and supporting volunteers as they develop their own events. I also write news stories for our website from time to time, I write our monthly science pub quiz, and I’m quite handy with the video camera.

How long have you been involved? Around two years – I joined the committee as Head of Communications in April 2011, after helping out at a few events, and I’ve been a part of the branch ever since. I think it was volunteering at the Science of Cocktails that persuaded me to get on board!

How much time do you spend helping the Branch? Probably four or five hours a week – a little more in the run up to a big event. I just can’t stay away.

Why did you get involved with your British Science Association Branch? I was already keen on science outreach from my undergraduate days as a chemist, but at the time it seemed like opportunities were few and far between. Science Brainwaves were really friendly and active, which was exactly what I was looking for! I’m also hoping to work as a science communicator in the future, so this seemed like a great way to get some experience.

What do you enjoy most about working with the British Science Association? I love having the opportunity to try out so many different things – I’ve spent time with all ages and abilities, and taken part in everything from blogging and craft to cocktail making and extreme sports. You get to meet lots of new people who all love the same things as you, and it’s a really welcome environment to try out new ideas. I can’t recommend it enough!