The General Committee is established by British Science Association statutes and is the principal strategic advisory body of the British Science Association. They meet twice a year, once in February/March and once at the British Science Festival in September, to provide advice and input on our strategy, programmes and activities. Although they have no formal governance role, their insights and opinions are hugely valuable for the wider viewpoint, broad skills and knowledge base, and strategic input they provide. 

The General Committee consists, in addition to the members of Council, including the President, past-President, and President-elect of:

  • At least 2 representatives of the BSA Branches
  • At least 2 representatives of the BSA Sections
  • At least 2 representatives of Corporate or Institutional Affiliates
  • Other representatives of the general public, including student or young people representatives. 

Nominations for the General Committee are accepted annually around March. For more information, contact Katie Griffiths, Committee Secretary at [email protected]