The British Science Association (BSA) is delighted to announce that CREST Awards will be free for the next three years in Wales, due to funding from The Welsh Government’s National Science Academy grant scheme.

CREST Awards is a scheme run by the BSA that recognise and reward quality project work in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) by students aged 11-19.

Recent Welsh Government support has enabled CREST to flourish in Wales. In the last three years, students from 84% of Welsh secondary schools have achieved CREST Awards.

The scheme can cost between £3 to £20 per student, so this support will make a significant difference for many schools and their budgets.

The funding will enable the BSA to build on this success by developing two new tailor-made resources for Wales, aimed at Key Stage 3 pupils. The new CREST resources won’t just teach science; they will support the students’ journey from primary to secondary schools through illustrating the relevance of science to all areas including literacy, numeracy and important transferable life skills.  

This project will benefit Wales by expanding the numbers of students engaged with the already successful CREST Awards programme, raising the interest of STEM in 11-14 year olds, developing cross-curricular skills, and increasing the networks of professionals in Wales, contributing to STEM activity. 

Download the full press release (pdf)