A new series of films, “Science Matters”, aims to change the conversation around science ahead of the General Election

Six of the major parties have provided in-depth interviews with their science spokespeople ahead of the General Election next month for an online interview series organised by the British Science Association (BSA).

Representatives from the Conservative Party, Green Party, Labour Party, Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru and Scottish National Party (SNP) have taken part in the interviews, hosted by renowned science journalist, Susan Watts, to explain how voters would see a difference if their party were in charge of science after the election.

Science and science policy have often been considered as something conducted in a silo, and not seen as an issue that affects people outside of the scientific profession.

The aim of the BSA’s “Science Matters” series, is to discover what tangible differences the voters might see in their day-to-day lives, depending on which party or parties win/s the election on 7 May. 

The interviews that were conducted are as follows:

The UK Independence Party were invited to take part in an interview on several occasions but unfortunately were not able to accept the invitation due to scheduling issues.

Download the full press release (pdf) here.