Pot or mug? Milk before water? Sugar or no sugar? With three-quarters of the nation (76 percent) drinking tea every day, there remains an age-old debate amongst the British public as to what constitutes the perfect cuppa. A survey (of over 1,000 UK adults who drink tea) conducted for British Science Week reveals that 80 percent of tea-drinkers do not let their tea brew for long enough, as recommended by scientists and tea experts.

Mark Miodownik, Professor of Materials and Society at University College London and spokesperson for British Science Week, said: “This may be controversial, but the British do not understand how to make tea! Or at least they’re not doing it properly. And it’s because they don’t understand the variables. Expediency is causing us to throw chemistry out of the window; we’re not allowing our tea to brew for long enough, to release the flavours properly.” 

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