This year has been a real success for the BSA, with a number of notable projects taking place including the launch of our first essay collection, a re-focussed British Science Festival, a new-look British Science Week, and over 30,000 young people achieving CREST Awards. 

We're very proud of everything we've accomplished in 2015 - here are some of our highlights. 

58,959 people participated in our engagement and education events,

31,407 young people participated in our events,

2202 engagement events took place across the country, including 12 UK-wide Future Debates,

1937 researchers took part in our activities,

283 speakers participated in the British Science Festival, helping us run 137 events in 4 days,

598 branch members organised 630 branch events across the UK, 

30,973 people took part in a CREST Award

300 teachers were awarded CREST recognition awards

264 people participated in education activities, 

3 Principia education resources were affiliated with our CREST Award scheme,  

7000 people were involved in our Cultural Development research,  

6 science representatives from the major political parties gave their views on science and the general election in our 'SCIENCE Matters' campaign,

3909 people watched our 'SCIENCE Matters' videos on YouTube,

11 Media Fellows produced articles for The Guardian, BBC Radio Science, The Irish Times, Mirror Online, The Conversation, The Times, and more,

75 blogs were published on our website,  

… and 32 members of staff made all of this happen! 


Huge thank you to all our staff, and our partners and supporters across all of our programmes and events - without their support, our work wouldn't be possible.  

We are looking ahead to an even bigger and better 2016! 

If you'd like to find out more about the work we do or the way you can support us, contact us.