By Marissa Chazan,  Project Officer at the British Science Association



On Tuesday 8 September, 'Transformations: North Parade after dark', an evening fusing science, music, art and everything in between comes to Bradford as part of the British Science Festival

Bradford’s independent quarter will transform after dark as regional and national artists, scientists, makers and performers take over the area’s best venues. Dive into a range of creative activities, performances and exhibitions, and experience a completely different side to the city. 

Local pubs and art spaces have opened up to give you a glimpse of the alternative side of science! 


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Venue: Fuse Art Space

Fuse Art Space presents DRIFT in association with Wet Genes. Enter a dynamic, vibrant and synaesthetic space as robotic eyes and ears follow your every move. The movement and sounds you make change what you see and experience. The installation will be accompanied by Container, aka renowned electronic artist Ren Schofield.

Life story
Venue: Al’s Dime Bar

Technology and philosophy come together in this haunting but informative one-woman show about the science of the end. Take an interactive journey through hope, madness and inevitability with Leila Johnston and the experimental M.O.R.T.Y life extension system, as we tackle the ultimate question: who will win, in the battle of life and death?


Molecular mixology
Venue: Al’s Dime Bar

Visit NYC style ‘dive’ bar, Al’s Dime Bar for a selection of fabulous cocktails in quirky containers, uniquely inspired by science.


Patterns of mutation
Venue: Forks Café 

Get creative with Immy Smith, artist-in-residence at the University of Portsmouth Brain Tumour Research Centre, and the scientists she works with. View historical images of brain tumour cells and look at slides under a microscope. Use colourful inks to make hundreds of uniquely beautiful patterns, mirroring the way brain cells undergo transformation into hundreds of different brain tumours.

Pinhole photography
Venue: The Beerhouse 

Discover a new way to capture the world around you with Justin Quinnell, pinhole photographer extraordinaire. Explore a variety of camera obscuras, including the world’s only 3-screen wearable camera obscura. Create your very own pinhole camera, ready to capture the sun traversing the sky for three months until the winter equinox. When the wait is over, you can scan your photograph onto a computer.

Scratch cymatics
Venue: BCB106.6fm

Explore the science of sound in this multisensory drop-in session of soundart and experimental music with sound artist, Claire Kearns and special guests. Try your hand with hip hop scratching using modified cassette types and see the effect your sound has on a range of materials. While you’re there, check out the inner workings of Bradford’s community radio station.

Dreams of a low carbon future
Venue: The Sparrow Bier Café

It’s 2150 and the UK has been transformed into a positive, sustainable society. How has this affected Yorkshire communities? Discuss, draw or just observe in this collaborative storytelling experience from the British Science Association’s West Yorkshire Branch and the University of Leeds. What happens is up to you.

Entropy: a journey through light and sound
Venue: The Sparrow Bier Café 

In the dark, animation and sound takes control of your perception, allowing you to experience a new dimension through a space-time tunnel. Watch light energy being transferred and transformed through Video Mapping Projection and LED strips. Produced by Carlos Bernal (aka atipyka).

Colourful chemistry
Venue: The Record Café

Experience the magic of indigo dyeing first hand with historian of art and Award Lecture Winner, Julie Wertz. See chemistry in action as your tie dye reacts with the air, changing colour before your eyes. Learn about the chemical reactions involved and find out how your denims came to be blue.

North-South brew off
Venue: Bradford Brewery

Join us for a brew off between London-based Signature Brew and Bradford Brewery. Try their science inspired collaborative Festival beer and vote on your favourite beer from the two breweries.

Artic smellscapes in Bradford

Venue: Bradford Brewery 

Journey through an alternative geography of Bradford, linking the city to the Arctic. Visit Julia Feuer-Cotter to find out what smell can reveal about the environment, and how odours can connect places and people. Delve deeper during guided smell walks, experience the local area in a different way, reflect on how you use senses to orientate yourself and record your perception of the smellscape using watercolours.

Keeping letterpress alive

Venue: Bradford Brewery 

Come and get your hands inky at the drop-in letterpress workshop with London-based New North Press and Bradford’s own The Print Project. Make your own print from traditional wood and metal type, and learn about A23D, the first 3D-printed letterpress font.

Art in Unusual Spaces

Venue: The 1in12 Club 

This summer, Art in Unusual Spaces have invited artist Jean McEwan; writer Javaad Alipoor; musicians Seth Bennett, George Murray and Aby Vulliamy; and dancer Chemain Cooke to develop new work in Gallery II. Each resident will leave something for the next to work from in a game of consequences, transforming ideas across disciplines. Join the artists as they showcase the result of their collaboration. The 1in12Club is a members club, see their website for more information.


Bradford’s best sounds
Next to the Richard Oastler statue in Northgate Square

Swing by the square and listen to some of Bradford’s finest acoustic bands, playing outdoor live music between 17:00 and 22:00.


See the full programme of amazing events at the British Science Festival: