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Move over Hans Zimmer, 17 year old audio guru Gautier Archer, has composed the theme tune for space exploration at the European Space Agency.

All the best sci-fi series have theme tunes; Star Trek, Doctor Who, Star Wars, the list goes on. So when the European Space Agency (ESA) was celebrating the 40th anniversary of its space exploration network, they decided to embark on a quest to find the theme tune for space discovery.

ESA teamed up with Soundcloud, a music site well known for uncovering the most weird and wonderful house and dance tunes, which receives 12 hours of new music every minute. It's no wonder ESA used the site to unearth the sounds of deep space.  

Estrack uses cutting-edge technology to link scientists and mission controllers with spacecraft orbiting Earth, watching our Sun, studying stars and voyaging deep into our Solar Systems. It’s a global system of ground stations which provide links between satellites in orbit and ESOC, the European Space Operations Centre, Darmstadt, Germany.

The core Estrack network is composed of 10 stations, spanning seven countries. The network is now tracking more than a dozen science and Earth observation missions, including Rosetta, Gaia and Mars Express.

From 117 entries, 17 year old student Gautier Archer from Paris, who goes by ‘BioWave’  on Soundcloud, composed the winning theme tune ‘11,2 km/s’, and won  a paid invitation to the anniversary VIP event at Cebreros Tracking Station in Madrid.

Compositions were encouraged to reflect the following themes; ‘exploration of our universe’, ‘scientific curiosity at the frontiers of human knowledge', or ‘deep space communication through the cosmos’

Gautier described his piece, ‘11,2 km/s’ as 'A triptych that shows space is vast, but is full of interesting things, such as humankind, stars, comets, planets... It describes great achievements, in the past, and in the future.’

Get lost in space with the winning theme tune, or check out all of the entries on Soundcloud.

Image credit: New Norcia Station by ESA/S. Marti 

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