Guest blog post by Kids Company team leader, Lycia Parker

Bang! Wizzle! Pop!  What a fabulous time we spent at the Science Museum thanks to the British Science Association. 
On arrival we were welcomed into the Launchpad which we had entirely to ourselves and the children were allowed to roam free.  They adored exploring the various experiments and wandering around - there was a buzz of excitement with comments such as, “This is AWESOME!”, “I wish we could spend a week here!” and “I am totally going to get my mum to take me back!”.
The various experiments were excellently designed allowing the children to experience science in action.  It was particularly wonderful to see the children who report not liking science enthralled by the mass of exciting experiments to explore.
We were then led into the impressive IMAX theatre where we were greeted with soothing music and comfortable seats!  Matthew Tosh captivated the children’s attention from start to finish with an array of bangs, flashes and pops all interspersed with digestible nuggets of fascinating science.  His talk oozed with his personal enthusiasm for his work and the children listened very attentively as he spoke to them about the importance of following career paths which excite them. 
On leaving the theatre, here are just some of the many comments from the children, “That was SOOOO good!”, “That was sick!” and “I really want to be a scientist in the future!”
All in all a hugely memorable day for all of us – a big thank you.

This guest blog is also published on the Science Museum's website.

Partnership with Kids Company

This partnership with Kids Company is part of our work with reaching underserved audiences and demonstrating how science can be fun and accessible to young people of all backgrounds.  Read more here.