By Elspeth Houlding, PR Officer

This British Science Week we wanted to create a fun social media campaign, to reach an audience of science enthusiasts but also those who might not traditionally get involved in the Week’s activities. Building on the theme of our ‘taster flyer’ - a tea-making exercise adapted from one of our CREST activity packs, launched last September to reveal the new British Science Week branding, we decided this was a topic that could work well across both on and offline media.

We released a poll exploring the nation’s tea habits, created a campaign icon and infographic, researched various tea-making guidelines and news stories (generated by scientists and tea experts alike) and launched a social media competition to win a year’s supply of Tetley tea!

We felt that the humble cuppa would be a good example of the scientific method in everyday life, and we encouraged people in offices, staff rooms, community centres and their own homes to take part in an everyday ‘experiment’: investigating their perfect cup of tea, through looking at the different variables that go into their preferred tea-making method.

Our survey revealed that 80 percent of tea-drinkers do not let their tea brew for long enough, as recommended by scientists and tea experts in the many articles we’d read.

The survey, which polled over 1,000 members of the British tea-drinking public, looked into the different variables of tea-making. It found that English Breakfast is still the most popular tea with Brits, made without sugar and drank from a ceramic mug (91 percent). Nearly half (47 percent) of Brits also left their tea to cool for five minutes before drinking it, while 40 percent drink it straight away – claiming “the hotter the better‟.

Claire Turier, winner of a year’s supply of Tetley, said: “I was so happy to hear that I'd won the competition! I absolutely love tea so this is an amazing prize to win! I've always been a science geek so I love that the #perfectcuppa campaign is encouraging people to try a science experiment because it can be so much fun.”

Teacher Lucy Middleton, runner-up, won a hamper of Tetley tea and some British Science Week goodies. Lucy said: “I’m so pleased to have won my first Twitter prize! The #PerfectCuppa is an essential need for us teachers. I will be making the most of my hamper prize whilst reading, marking and planning lessons. Thank you British Science Association!"

The Perfect Cuppa campaign featured heavily in the news during British Science Week.

Here are some highlights of the coverage:

The Daily Telegraph, Guardian, Mirror, Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan, BuzzFeed, Lorraine, BBC Radio 2 and more!

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