By Ivvet Modinou, Head of Engagement, British Science Association


We’re feeling a little bit experimental in the Engagement Team...

During a planning discussion about ‘citizen science’ and the sorts of projects the British Science Association could develop in future, we got onto the subject of whether it would be possible to develop an event that went beyond the traditional approach of getting the citizen involved in science by collecting or cleaning data for researchers.

Introducing... ProblemAttic!

Think of it as part discussion event, part citizen science, part crowdsourcing; we’re inviting scientists to share genuine challenges they’re facing in their research and ask audience members to discuss them and maybe try to solve them.

We believe that providing opportunities for citizens to find out about problems that scientists are unable to unpick gives the public more responsibility and helps them realise that their skills can make an important contribution to science. It reflects the nature of science as an open, collaborative, problem-solving discipline - something that everyone can be a part of in their own way.

We all know that when we’re too close to a problem we often lose perspective.  Our non-expert audience will hopefully bring interesting perspectives to problems from their professional expertise or personal interests to share with the scientists.

It’s a bit of an experiment, so do come along for our very first outing – a trial before we test the format out as a pilot project – if you’re interested in seeing public engagement in action!
To find out more and book your FREE ticket, please visit the ProblemAttic event page on our British Science Week microsite.