by Jacob Ohrvik- Stott, Project Officer (Cultural Development)


Join us for a coffee and croissant on Thursday 18 February to have your say, or take part in our Tweet chat on Friday 19 February from 12.00-13.00 #scicommfuture 

Who are science communicators? What world are they trying to create? Does 'science communication' reflect what they do? As science and culture progress at an ever-growing rate and the science engagement community expands, the answers to such questions become more and more complex  

Our research  

Amidst such complexity, understanding this community appears more important than ever. At the BSA, we believe it’s vital to work with the sector to keep track of the challenges and opportunities it creates, and the meet the needs of its members 

In September 2015, the BSA released a survey to take a snapshot of the science engagement landscape and explore the motivations and aspirations of those within it. We focussed on 5 key aims:  

  • To find out who identifies themselves as a science communicator and develop a picture of this community as a whole 
  • To understand what science communicators do, and in what capacity 
  • To explore how organisations and people in the sector work together 
  • To understand how the aims of science communicators relate to their audiences 
  • To understand how science communicators conceptualise their sectors and the changes they would like to see within them 
Continuing the Conversation 

Following the publication of a report of our research on Friday 12 February, we will be celebrating its release over a spot of breakfast with members of the science communication and public engagement communities on Thursday 18 February from 08.30-10.00. The event will be a chance to contemplate the key findings and discuss their implications for the UK science communication sector and beyond.  

We are asking members of these communities to join us and have their say as we look to the future of science communication in the UK.  

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Can’t make it? Join us on Twitter 

We will be bringing the conversation online from 12.00-13:00 on Friday 19 February with our live tweetchat, where we will be joined by specialists from across the sector to discuss the issues important to the community. Follow @BritSciAssoc to find out more.