By Sabah Adams, Engagement Officer at the British Science Association



This blog is part of a series of ‘Volunteer spotlights’, released during Volunteers Week, to celebrate and highlight the important contributions that our volunteers make to the BSA.

The British Science Association’s Scientific Sections, comprised of science professionals, play a key role in developing the programme of events at the British Science Festival. As Section Recorder, Kate Lancaster is responsible for coordinating the section, bringing everyone’s expertise together to create content for the British Science Festival. Kate is currently the Plasma and Fusion Industrial Officer at the University of York, and has 14 years of experience in her field. She has been very active in outreach during and since she completed her PhD, and has taken part in a number of initiatives, from Researchers in Residence, to the Royal Society Mp Pairing Scheme.

Kate has supported the BSA and the Physics and Astronomy section for a number of years, joining when the Festival was in York in 2007, and taking over as Recorder in 2011. During her time as recorder, Kate has never failed to bring the highest quality cutting edge science to the Festival, with the majority of the section events fully-booked and receiving press attention. Alongside bringing excellent content, Kate has worked hard to bring high profile speakers to the Festival (Brian Cox in 2013) and always advocates for the BSA and Sections through stakeholders.

Since joining the section, Kate has enjoyed her time as a volunteer immensely. She said “Putting on events at the festival is extremely satisfying but it’s not just that that keeps me coming back each year. The festival staff, recorders, and other volunteers are like a big family and it makes the whole festival experience worthwhile”.

Kate has helped curate a range of fantastic talks for the British Science Festival, which last year included ‘unravelling the mysteries of the universe’ and ‘explosions in the sky: the physics of solar eruptions’. This year promises more talks exploring cutting-edge science, when the Festival comes to Bradford on 8 to 10 September.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Kate for her continued support of the British Science Association!