Last week, London was announced as the ‘Volunteering Capital of Europe 2016’. We were delighted by the news, and so were our London branch!

We chatted to volunteers from our London branch, Science London, to discover why they became volunteers, what they do as a volunteer, and how they felt about London being crowned ‘Volunteering Capital of Europe 2016'.

Jamie Upton, Science London volunteer:

“I sort of ended up volunteering by accident. I began by coming along to help out a friend with some events that she was organising.

One of these was Science London's regular Scibar nights - bi-monthly talks and Q&As with scientists taking place at The Book Club. My role has quickly progressed from taking tickets on the door, to presenting the speakers, to sourcing scientists to come and talk at the night.

It's been really great fun and is a good example of how being a volunteer at Science London doesn't mean getting ordered around for no pay - it’s a chance to build your own skills and bring your own ideas to the table within an established platform, where you can be assured there is both an audience and the support needed to put on great science-based events.”

Alfredo Carpineti, also a Science London volunteer, said:

“London has been crowned Europe’s volunteering capital, and I’m not surprised. The opportunity that London offers to lend a hand to the other can’t be found just anywhere.

My experience with Science London has been incredible. I’ve started volunteering a year ago and I’ve got already so many stories to tell. My favourite event in which I took part was a day of science busking.

We went to a suburb in east London to interact with people that might not often get involved and are often overlooked when it comes to public engagement events. We walked around for almost 6 hours and it was so exhilarating to be able to showcase complex scientific concepts in such a simple and direct way. We were a group of 11 volunteers and we talked to almost 300 people during the day.

I really enjoy volunteering with Science London. It has been challenging and fun, and I can see myself doing it for many years.“

A huge thanks to Alfredo, Jamie and all the Science London team for their time, effort and enthusiasm!

There are lots of way to volunteer with the BSA, we offer a diversity of volunteer roles and you don’t have to be a scientist to volunteer with us!
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