The British Science Festival is Europe's longest-standing national event which connects people with scientists, engineers, technologists and social scientists.

Tens of thousands of people come together to celebrate the latest developments in science and to engage in open discussion about issues that affect our culture and society.

Each September the British Science Festival transforms a different UK city into a vibrant celebration of science, engineering and technology.

In previous years it has taken place in York, Liverpool, Guildford, Aberdeen, Newcastle, Birmingham, Bradford and most recently in Swansea in 2016.  

The British Science Festival 2017 will be co-hosted by the University of Brighton and the University of Sussex

In 2017, the British Science Festival will be held across Brighton, co-hosted by the University of Brighton and the University of Sussex. Taking place from the 5-9 September, the event was last hosted here in 1983.

Present your research at the British Science Festival 

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The British Science Festival 2016, hosted by Swansea University

In 2016, the British Science Festival was held in Swansea, hosted by Swansea University and supported by Siemens. Taking place from 6-9 September, this was the fourth time Swansea had hosted the Festival, the first being in 1848 and the most recent being in 1990.

The four-day Festival was immediately followed by a Family Weekend in Swansea on 10 & 11 September 2016.

History of the British Science Festival

The Festival has a long and illustrous history, having been born out of the annual meetings of the British Association for the Advancement in Science that started in 1831.