CREST Awards are individually assessed to make sure we maintain the standards expected from the award across the UK.

The process

During the assessment for Silver/Gold, students may be asked to present their work to the CREST Local Coordinator /project mentor and answer questions on what they did and why.

Discovery and Bronze Awards assessment

Discovery and Bronze CREST Awards are assessed internally by a teacher, leader or supervisor from the school or organisation.

For Discovery Awards, students should be assessed by the teacher/organisation throughout the day and complete their Discovery passport.

For Bronze Awards, students should have completed a Bronze workbook or profile form and may have written a short report or given a presentation of their work.

Silver and Gold assessment

Initial assessment is carried out by the class teacher, group leader or supervisor who, once satisfied that the student has put in the necessary time and reached a suitable standard, should contact their CREST Local Coordinator to assess the project. The project must be assessed by an external person, usually the CREST Local Coordinator.

Students must have completed their Silver and/or Gold profile referring to a report or record they have created as part of the project (a copy of which must also be submitted). Students at these levels are often asked to present their work as part of an assessment or celebration event.

The Local Coordinator will either agree to issue the award, or may recommend that further work on the project is needed to reach the required standard.

Moderation and quality control

Occasionally, you may be asked to provide the British Science Association or CREST Local Coordinator with samples of the project reports and student profile forms to check that the British Science Association’s standard for internal assessment is being upheld.

If you are new to CREST it is recommended that you undertake your first assessments with the support of your CREST Local Coordinator to make sure that you are confident with the assessment and award process.

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