The British Science Association’s (BSA) Cultural Development team is responsible for working with partners and thought leaders across science and other sectors to deliver the BSA’s goal of making science a fundamental part of the UK’s culture. We want to radically reshape how science is perceived by UK society’s key influencers.

The team manages our programmes and activities for professional audiences including the Media Fellowships scheme, the annual Science Communication Conference and the Sciencewise partnership.  The team also coordinates the BSA's responses to relevant policy consultations.

Our partnerships include:

  • national organisations
  • membership bodies
  • special interest groups
  • opinion formers
  • policy makers

We are planning a series of innovative events, campaigns and policy activities for 2015 and beyond, and will deliver new projects and build new relationships that encourage other organisations and sectors to understand and celebrate science’s central role in society.

You can contact the team here.