The British Science Association’s (BSA) Engagement team is responsible for managing the delivery and expansion of our activities and events for public audiences. The BSA both runs activities itself and supports partners to do them. Our strength is that we are a nationwide organisation, with an emphasis on local partnerships.

Our future plans involve developing innovative and inclusive opportunities for a wide range of target audiences – particularly adults – to develop an on-going relationship with science. We are exploring meaningful ways to work with under-served audiences and supporting local organisers to embed science into their communities.

We want to create a broader group of people who feel empowered to challenge and question science and engage in current scientific debates. We are also interested in exploring the interface between science and the arts and how we can bring science to an audience that would not ordinarily identify themselves as science enthusiasts.

The BSA’s Engagement Team is responsible for a number of our flagship programmes, including British Science Week, the British Science Festival, and newer ones, such as the UK Science Festivals Network, Science in Town Centres and our Policy Debate series. The Engagement Team also manage and develop our volunteer network, which includes our local branches and Scientific Sections.

The team delivers programmes with national, regional and local reach, and works in partnership with local and national organisations from different sectors on a range of public engagement activities to reach new audiences. Current partnerships include working with the Royal Society of Chemistry on Science in Town Centres, and with the Victorial and Albert Museum (V&A) on a new Award Lecture.

We will also be continuing to promote, partner with and deliver citizen science projects and creating initiatives to support scientists who want to deliver more high quality outreach and public engagement.

You can contact the team here.