Nominations for the 2017 General Committee are now open. Nomination forms and candidate summaries must be received by Friday 21 April 2017. They may be emailed (katie.griffiths@britishscienceassociation) or posted to British Science Association, Katherine Mathieson, British Science Association, Wellcome Wolfson Building, 165 Queen’s Gate, LONDON, SW7 5HD.

The nomination form can be downloaded here

The General Committee

The General Committee is established by British Science Association statutes and is the principal strategic advisory body of the British Science Association. It consists, in addition to the members of Council, including the President, past-President, and President-elect of:

• 12 members elected from voting members of the Association
• 2 members nominated and elected by Affiliate members
• 2 members who are students in the UK and who have first-hand experience of the British Science Association, nominated and elected by voting members.

The current board is made up by the following members:

For more information, please contact Katie Griffiths, Committee Secretary.