The Geology Section organised the following events at the 2016 British Science Festival:

Halstead Lecture: The last British Ice Sheet
20,000 years ago, much of the UK was covered in ice. Glaciers reached as far south as the Bristol Channel and extended West over most of Wales. Glacial geologist Bethan Davies revealed the legacy left behind in our landscape and describes how researchers are piecing together the evidence to reconstruct the last British ice sheet.

Welcome to the Anthropocene
Have humans permanently changed the planet? As a species we have caused extinctions, changed ecosystems, constructed human-dominated environments, and altered the atmosphere. Palaeobiologist Mark Williams explored our lasting impact on the planet and asked if this new human age could become stable over geological time, or collapse with significant consequences for human society and global biodiversity? 

President 2016: Professor Mark Williams, University of Leicester
President 2015: Professor Simon Bottrell, University of Leeds

Recorder: Dr. Joanna Wright, University of Northampton