The Geology Section organised the following events at the 2017 British Science Festival:

Mining rare earth elements from air
Many modern technologies such as mobile phones and wind turbines rely on rare earth elements to function. Currently, these mostly come from one mine in China and the security of their supply is uncertain. In this talk Teal Riley pondered: Could the future of rare earth element mining rely on tracking down new deposits of them from the air?

Where's the dead sheep? Serious games in geology
Game-based learning has come to the fore in recent years for its potential to engage students by allowing them to be active participants in the learning process. Jacqueline Houghton led attendees on an exploration of a virtual landscape as they discovered how digital environments can bring geological features to life and help to develop geological field skills.

President 2017: Dr. Teal Riley, British Antarctic Survey
President 2016: Professor Mark Williams, University of Leicester
President 2015: Professor Simon Bottrell, University of Leeds

Recorder: Dr. Joanna Wright, University of Northampton