The Geology Section organised the following events at the 2018 British Science Festival:

Volcanoes and air pollution

Many people in the UK remember the chaos which ensued after the 2010 volcanic eruption in Iceland. Attendees found out how this volcanic plume effected more than just our travel plans. Having ventured across the world to places such as Hawaii and Antarctica, volcanologist Evgenia Ilyinskaya shared her latest research into the hidden impact of volcanoes. 

A wine drinkers guide to geology

Wine producers emphasise terroir- the soil and climate- of a region as a key influence in a wine's quality. Is this accurate or is it just good publicity? Attendees found out how much the geology of an area truly affects the taste of the final product with Jennifer Huggett.

President 2018: Dr Jennifer Huggett 
President 2017: Dr. Teal Riley, British Antarctic Survey
President 2016: Professor Mark Williams, University of Leicester
President 2015: Professor Simon Bottrell, University of Leeds

Recorder: Dr. Joanna Wright, University of Northampton