Forth Replacement Crossing: Project Update

The Forth Replacement Crossing (Principal Contract) is nearing completion. This talk will focus on how the new Queensferry Crossing and connecting roads have evolved over the past five years and how the project will progress to completion.Read more

Insect and bird migration: revealing the mysteries of flight

Have you ever wondered why, how and to where insects and birds migrate? A group of UK and international scientists have the answers. Join them as they reveal the mysteries for flight! Read more

BSA Masterclass: Science Communication Primer

New to science communication and unsure where to start? This event is intended to give those new to science communication and engagement an overview of this varied sector. It is suitable for researchers with an interest in scicomm, those in the early stages of sci comm career, and any volunteers looking to expand their skills. Read more

The Huxley Summit

The Huxley Summit is a new, high profile thought leadership event from the BSA, taking place in London (at BAFTA) on 8 November 2016. In this first, the theme is: Trust in the 21st century. Read more

The Modern Life of Bees: an Insight into our Nation's Favourite Insects

A talk by Dr Fiona Highet, Science Advisor and Advice for Scottish Agriculture.Read more

Culture Shock: Chapter 1

Are you an artist working with scientific ideas or people? Or a scientist looking to connect more with the arts? Culture shock explores the emotional journey of bringing two sectors together. We've partnered with Fun Palaces to create an event for scientists and artists to come together, be inspired, and create a new culture.Read more

Sex, Stress and Mental Health

A talk by Dr Fhionna Moore, University of Dundee.Read more

Are You Thick-Skinned Enough?

A talk by Professor Erwin McLean FRS FRSE, University of Dundee.Read more

British Science Week 2017

British Science Week is a ten-day programme of science, technology, engineering and maths events and activities across the UK for people of all ages.Read more

Sparkling Clouds and Crackling Lightning in Extrasolar Planets

A talk by Dr Christiane Helling, University of St Andrews.Read more