CREST Bronze Award Communication project

This project will work with small or large groups of students, so may be used within STEM clubs or as part of routine classwork. It encourages students to base their opinions on factual research, and to appreciate that they may have to balance a range of differing opinions before coming to a decision.

Download the 'What are the Egyptian pyramids made from?' pdf


CREST Bronze Award Research project

Students are challenged to explain how our everyday lives would change if minerals did not exist.  They are asked to take a snapshot of a typical school day and consider how the absence of minerals might affect their life.

Download the 'What if mineral resources did not exist?' pdf

Modular clinic

CREST Bronze Award Design & Make project

Students are challenged to design a low-cost modular clinic that can be used in any country and is able to withstand extreme weather and environmental conditions.

Download the 'A modular clinic for extreme environments' pdf