The British Science Association (BSA) is delighted to announce its partnership with Ricardo, a global strategic environmental and engineering consultancy.

Ricardo’s team of consultants, environmental specialists, engineers, and scientists deliver innovative sustainable solutions that help its clients solve their most complex challenges to create a safe and sustainable world. This partnership underscores the BSA's mission to see a future where science is more relevant, representative, and connected to society, particularly in empowering and emboldening young minds' curiosity in science. 

Ricardo's commitment to sustainable solutions and societal impact aligns perfectly with the BSA's vision for the future of science. By collaborating with Ricardo, we aim to further our collective goal of creating a world where science serves as a catalyst for positive change. 

Empowering STEM engagement with British Science Week 2024 

As a partner for British Science Week 2024, Ricardo played a vital role in supporting the 30th anniversary celebrations of this prestigious event. Each year, British Science Week encourages educators, STEM professionals, science communicators, and the wider public to craft and partake in STEM events and activities.  

British Science Week is an opportunity to showcase the excitement and relevance of science to people of all ages. By engaging in hands-on activities, discussions, and events, participants can explore the wonders of science and its impact on our daily lives. As a result of our partnership with Ricardo, we were able to ensure that British Science Week 2024 was one of the most engaging and inclusive celebrations yet, inspiring curiosity and fostering a deeper appreciation for science in communities nationwide. 

Expanding STEM education with CREST Awards 

In addition to supporting British Science Week, Ricardo is also backing the CREST Awards, the BSA's flagship education programme. With their assistance, we will provide enriching science activities to even more 3-to-19-year-olds. The CREST Awards empower students to engage in inquiry-based projects and develop essential skills such as teamwork, communication, and problem-solving. 

CREST Awards are more than just a recognition of academic achievement; they are a testament to the creativity, ingenuity, and perseverance of young minds. Through hands-on projects and real-world challenges, students learn to think critically, collaborate effectively, and explore their passion for science. With Ricardo's support, we can expand the reach of the CREST Awards programme, ensuring that more young people have the opportunity to unlock their potential and pursue their interests in STEM fields.

Hannah Russell, Chief Executive Officer of the British Science Association, says:

"Our partnership with Ricardo marks a significant milestone in our mission to make science more relevant, representative, and connected to society. Together, we aim to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers, empower communities to engage with science, and drive positive change in the world. This collaboration reflects our shared commitment to creating a future where science serves as a force for good, enriching lives and fostering a sustainable and prosperous society for all."

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