The British Science Association (BSA) is thrilled to announce that our highly-anticipated ‘Smashing Stereotypes’ campaign will return for this year’s British Science Week – celebrating the diverse people and careers in science and engineering!

Since its launch in 2020, the Smashing Stereotypes campaign has encouraged hundreds of people working in science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) sectors to share stories about their day-to-day work as part of British Science Week.

This year’s campaign features dozens of new stories from individuals and teams that challenge long-standing stereotypes about those working in science, with the aim of encouraging more young people, from all backgrounds, to see themselves as scientists.


Where could a career in science take you?

Could it be to design a video game? Or to a racetrack working at the heart of motorsports? Perhaps to an animal health facility to help save animal lives? Or into engineering, building things most of us take for granted but wouldn’t be able to live without?

There are countless exciting, rewarding, science-related careers to choose from. We want to show that science can be for everyone: whatever your interests, background, or career path.

Alongside our partners for this year’s campaign, biopharmaceutical company MSD, the science-based technology company 3M, and an international supplier of enrichment services and nuclear fuel cycle products Urenco, we’ve profiled people in these industries, plus many more, to help young people to understand what jobs in STEM involve, and to see that science can be ‘for me’.

The Smashing Stereotypes stories include a series of short films, interviews, and behind-the-scenes photography. The new profiles work in a range of sectors from video game development, to motorsports, and animal health. Linking to this year’s British Science Week theme of ‘Connections’, the profiles will draw out the importance and joy in connections between individual scientists, research groups, and institutions.

Browse some of the profiles below, with additional profiles being added to the campaign up until British Science Week 2023 (10 - 19 March 2023).

How a pet chicken sparked a passion for poultry science

Bushra Schuitemaker
Zoologist, Quadram Institute

Turning a passion for video gaming into a career

Seyed Nasrollahi
Video game developer
Founder, UnifiQ Games

Building bridges for women in engineering

Mimi Nwosu
Civil Engineer, Heathrow Airport


More ways to get involved

  • Share how you or your team are #SmashingStereotypes on social media by posting a photo, video, or simply telling us using the official hashtag!

  • Get inspired browsing through the collection of 30+ Smashing Stereotypes stories.

  • From interactive polls, to our giveaway, in the run-up to British Science Week, we’ll be announcing all the additional ways young people, parents, teachers, and industry professionals alike can get involved in this year’s campaign. Stay tuned...

Hannah Russell, Chief Executive, British Science Association (BSA), said:

This is the fourth year of Smashing Stereotypes and we’ve been blown away by the enthusiasm and support expressed by those working in STEM sectors to share their Smashing Stereotypes stories, alongside the receptiveness and openness of schools, community groups, and organisations across the country to get involved, and to immerse themselves in each story. And this year is no exception.

Our 2023 campaign aims to continue sparking change and inspiration by showcasing the diversity of people who work in science, in both industry and academia, and the variety of roles within – and paths into – STEM. In particular, we’re harnessing the British Science Week theme of ‘Connections’, with an emphasis on teamwork and the interconnectedness of different jobs and industries within the sector.

We are grateful to be supported by organisations who want to champion the diversity of their workforce, and look forward to working with our partners MSD, 3M and Urenco, and others to continue to smash stereotypes and drive forward change in the future.

Ben Lucas, Managing Director, MSD, said:

At MSD, we run to, not from, the world’s biggest health challenges. From finding solutions for some of the world’s most debilitating diseases, protecting both humans and animals, and working tirelessly to ensure our inventions can have benefit across the world. We foster a diverse and inclusive global workforce to represent the people and populations that we serve. This is essential in order for us to achieve our mission, saving and improving the lives of both humans and animals.

Sarah Chapman, Senior Technical Manager, 3M, said:

We are delighted to continue our support for the Smashing Stereotypes campaign, having been a BSA partner since the inception of the campaign in 2020. Uniting with the BSA in this way has enabled us at 3M to work towards a shared vision of inspiring more young people to see themselves as having a place in science, and to provide platforms for traditionally underrepresented voices in the sector.

We believe that inclusivity in STEM is key to encouraging the diversity of thought necessary for innovative thinking and scientific discovery that will help shape a better world.

Rosie Salkeld, Social Impact Lead, Urenco, said:

At Urenco, one of our long-standing sustainability commitments is to nurture the next generation of scientists and engineers through our support for STEM education.

Our partnership with the BSA spans a decade and we’re proud to be supporting the Smashing Stereotypes campaign this year which will help to tackle misconceptions about who scientists are, and what they do. We believe this is crucial so more young people see themselves working in this sector and we can help bridge the gap between jobs and potential.

We’re really pleased to expand our work with the BSA and look forward to sharing stories from Urenco in the coming months.