Education Officer

The British Science Association is recruiting for an Education Officer, to work on our education projects, including CREST. Read more

Updating our Charter, Statutes and Rules

Council have updated the BSA's Charter and Statutes in order that they reflect changes to the BSA in the last few years and adopt best practice in charity governance. The updated documents are currently being considered by the Privvy Council. Read more

Exploring new ways of helping people engage with health research

The BSA is scoping out a new programme, exploring the opportunities for supporting organisations and individuals help people engage in health research. Read more

Head of Grants Programme

We are seeking someone to set up & run a new programme at the BSA Read more

Our governance

The BSA is governed by a Council (Board of Trustees), which has several sub-committees. We also have other groups of external advisors for particular projects and programmes. Read more

Building project work into the curriculum

We’re excited to announce that the British Science Association is being supported by the Gatsby Foundation to pilot integrating CREST project work into the curriculum. Read more

EDI Reports and Resources

We have collected some relevant BSA reports and resources on EDI and inclusive science engagement. We are keen to highlight examples from other organisations and sectors. Read more