The Agriculture and Food Section organised the following events at the 2016 British Science Festival:

Can gene editing save the world?
Editing the human genome and designer babies are rarely out of the media, but gene editing could also contribute to solving some of the most pressing issues facing society. The panel discussed the technique’s potential to help in the fight against diseases, like malaria, and improve our global food security, as well as wider implications of editing genomes.

Food and nutrition: fad, fact or fiction?
We’ve all heard the advice that we should try to eat more healthily, but what are the true interactions between diet food, nutrition and health? Judy Buttriss, Director General of the British Nutrition Foundation, shed some light on what we know, what we don’t know and what the future might hold for nutrition science.

President 2016Judy Buttriss, Director General of the British Nutrition Foundation
President 2015: Professor Jules Pretty OBE, University of Essex
President 2014: Professor Tim Benton, University of Leeds

Recorder: Dr. Nicola Stock, University of Edinburgh  
I have been Recorder for the Agriculture and Food section since 2013, with the 2014 British Science Festival in Birmingham being my first in the role. I combine this with a full-time job as Public Engagement Officer at The Roslin Institute at the University of Edinburgh, where I develop and co-ordinate the Institute’s programme of public engagement with research, working with partners in both the university and cultural sectors and beyond.

With a background in bioscience research and experience in the science centre sector, I’m keen to explore new ways of engaging the public with current scientific research, particularly in the areas of dialogue and citizen science.