The Agriculture and Anthropology Section organised the following events at the 2018 British Science Festival:

Bringing the past into the present

Virtual Reality (VR) is helping archaeologists like David Robinson journey into unexplored historical sites, such as the spectacular and fragile Native Californian Cache Cave. Here, he showed that VR is more than just a whimsical plaything- it's allowing indigenous Californian groups to reconnect with their past.

Trafficking culture

Political conflict has meant that looting and trafficking of antiquities has become more prevalent than ever, especially in the culturally rich Middle East. Donna Yates discussed the recent revelations about the role of western brokers and buyers in these networks and importantly, how they can be traced and stopped. 

President 2018: Dr David Robinson, University of Central Lancashire
President 2017: Dr. Anna Williams, Huddersfield University
President 2016: Professor Robin Crompton, University of Liverpool
President 2015: Dr. Matthew Pope, University College London
President 2014: Dr. Susannah Thorpe, University of Birmingham

: Dr. Fiona Coward, Bournemouth University
I am an archaeologist whose work focuses on the multidisciplinary study of the evolution of human social life and cognition. I’m interested in how and why humans were able to scale up their social lives from the very small social groups we lived in for much of our prehistory to the global social networks which characterise people’s lives today. Within this broad area I am interested in the relationship between physical and social environments during human evolution, and on the social changes which formed part of the shift from mobile hunting and gathering to settled village life in the early Near East. I am particularly interested in the role material culture plays in these processes.