The British Science Association (BSA) has recently become an 'Artsmark supporter', and we believe that the new Artsmark quality principles can represent good practice across both arts and science education.

What is Artsmark?

Awarded by Arts Council England and designed by schools, the new Artsmark award is helping more and more schools to deliver a high quality arts and cultural education and provides an excellent way to formally recognise and demonstrate this. Any school setting can apply.

Find out how to apply for the Artsmark 

Support your Artsmark planning using science and art linked activities on our Educators page (link)

The shared educational philosophy

We believe that science is a part of 'cultural education', and should be seen as a more fundamental part of a person’s life experiences in the same way sport and the arts are.

By supporting the Artsmark we hope to encourage more people to break down the barriers perceived between science and art, and engage in cross curricular, student lead, creative and engaging projects.

How can teachers link science and art in the classroom?

Linking arts and science is a great way to engage more people in the skills and opportunities science offers.

There are a number of ways you can link science and art through our education initiatives at the British Science Association.

  • Use our free British Science Week activity packs - many of the activities have a cultural context as well as enriching the STEM curriculum. 
  • Get students to design a poster about the spaces you can find science in. Take a look ar our resources, ideas and entry details. ]
  • Register students who participate/contribute to British Science Week for our new Digital badges. From watching an assembly at school, to doing a resource pack activity or designing a poster- we want to recognise all the students (and teachers) who take part in the week. When you register your students, you can also apply for a teacher recognition badge!

Find out more about how to apply for the Artsmark