The Birmingham Branch organises an annual programme of lectures, visits and other events. It has formed a strong collaboration with "Thinktank", the Birmingham Science Museum, and a partnership with local University of the Third Age groups. The Annual Prestige Lecture is the highlight of the programme, and speakers over recent years have included Professor Lawrence Young Lord Winstone, Lord May, Frances Cairncross, Susan Greenfield, Professor Steve Jones and Professor Peter Atkins. For all the latest information and news from the Birmingham Branch, visit our blog, and join us on Facebook and Twitter.

We are currently looking for enthusiastic, dedicated volunteers to join the branch committee! This is a perfect opportunity to get involved in organising innovative and exciting events which engage the public with science. You needn’t be a scientific expert; non-scientists with an interest in marketing, events management, and finance may also find valuable volunteering opportunities with the Branch. 

If you're interested in volunteering with the Birmingham Branch, please click here.

Committee details

Chair: Anita Shervington and Lucy Richardson
Secretary: Sam Attwood
Treasurer: Michael Kolane
Marketing and Communications Officer: Darren Campbell
Branch Members: Annette Jarratt-Knock, Peter Reed, Sandra Neto, Elena Riva, Taina Theodore and Nicola White

Contact details