By Imô Logo, Community Engagement Officer

As British Science Week approaches you may be looking for engaging and inspiring science-savvy folk to support your event. Even if you are still planning or have already started advertising your event, recruiting volunteers and speakers has never been easier thanks to Science Live: the British Science Association’s online platform connecting event organisers with volunteers and speakers.

To get the most out of the platform, here are 4 tips when writing an advert to get speakers and volunteers for your event.

1. Choose a catchy title

Make it clear - not everyone will know what your event is all about. You have been close to it for weeks, maybe even months - now is the time to think about how it can be understood by a more general audience.

2. Make your event stand out

If you are booking a speaker or volunteer, make sure your description is engaging and encourages speakers and volunteers to work on your event.

o For instance, use words like ‘exciting opportunity’ and descriptions of the types of speakers and volunteers you would like to work with i.e. ‘enthusiastic’ , ‘engaging’, ‘energetic’.

3. Know your audience

Include some detail about the audience you will be reaching out to i.e. ‘adults’, ‘children’, ‘families’, ‘educators’, ‘professionals’ and a little bit about what skills and responsibilities the speakers volunteers will be expected to undertake.

o For instance, hosting an activity, supporting set-up and take-down at an event, or managing audiences.

4. Dish the dirt

Give as much detail as you can about the event and be enthusiastic about it! If you don’t seem keen, then how will your speakers and volunteers be motivated to take part?

Using the tips above, we've put together an example advert for you:


Do you have an engaging talk, demonstration or interesting topic you would like to share with a non-science audience? Affinity Sutton Housing Association are looking for engaging speakers to communicate the role of science in society to their staff in a series of hour long lunch time events at their offices during British Science Week 2017. This is an exciting opportunity for anyone who wants to talk about the real world application of science and encourage engagement for a non-science audience. 

* Date: Monday 13 March – 13.00 - 17.00

* Location: Affinity Sutton, London

* Organiser: Imô Logo

* Audience type: Adults

* Event type: Lecture/Talk/Presentation

* Subject: Science and Society

Don't forget that although planning an event can be stressful, it's also extremely rewarding. We understand the value of creating an engaging and exciting event for people that can aid learning, build skills, provide chances to meet new people, develop careers, and entertain. To help with your event planning and recruitment, please visit: