Tuesday begins our Festival fun,

As we ‘beat the heat with science’, in the midday sun.

The first of our Award Lecturers take to the stage,

Talking gravity sensors and volcanic rage.

From 6pm, come along to ‘the Lanes after dark’,

And try our Festival brew, promised to leave its mark.


Wednesday begins with a trip up high,

As you ride up the BA i360, you could almost fly!

Isaac Newton: liar or cheat?

Who was Robert Hooke, and did he admit defeat?

What do you think about allergies, fact or fiction?

At this event, you can discuss your own prediction.

Watch the award-winning Eulogy of Toby Peach,

And discover a young man’s cancer-club journey in his inspiring speech.


Thursday questions: A future divided?

Do we acquire prejudice or is this already decided?

We’ve all heard of the potential of the human gene edit,

Should we fear the science or be giving it credit?

As the Cassini Saturn mission draws to a close,

Join a space scientist who explains what we now know.

Come and dance with us at a rave with a twist,

As music is made with a mathematic riff.


Friday's schedule is packed to the brim,

Explore the human body, and the secrets that lie within.

As oil runs out, we need to raise the bar,

Come along to this event and find out, what's next for the car?

Friday climaxes with a takeover of Brighton Palace Pier,

Join us for an imaginative evening and definite Festival cheer.


This year we thought, 'why not add one more day',

Take a bike tour around Brighton, a brilliant getaway.

Brighton has been knocked down and isn't the same!

Come and help rebuild it in an infrastructure game.

If drawing is your thing then this one is for you,

Draw actual, real-life owls and hear them 'twit-twoo'.

All good things must come to an end,

We hope our audience go away inspired, that's what we intend!


So join us in September in Brighton with glee,

In the comforting knowledge that everything is free!

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