by Maria Rossini, Educations Partnerships Manager


Thousands of young people get involved with British Science Week every year, and many use it as an inspiration for doing CREST Award projects. 

Whilst we know people use our resource packs all year round, there are also lots of inspiring days/weeks throughout the year that can draw out some of the amazing science around us, and spark creative project ideas. 

For example, May is local community and history month. Why not do a project investigating the science and engineering in your area, either now or in the past?

Or perhaps you might be inspired by Oxfam's water week in June. Water is essential for life, and we all rely on it. Too little water and nothing can survive- too much in the wrong place, brings flooding and destruction. Oxfam have some great resources that could turn into CREST projects, or Global Action Plan’s ‘Water Explorer’ and Practical Action’s ‘Beat the Flood’ both have some great water-linked ideas too.

In June it's also Children’s Art week, which could be another great source of inspiration. Maybe you could investigate the science of light, colour or music, build an instrument from vegetables, or do a drama piece like this one from 'the crunch' around a science topic?

British Science Week 2016 may have come to an end just over a month ago, but at the British Science Association, we know that science never stops: It's all around us, all of the time. Whatever space you find yourself in right now- whatever the time of year, you'll be surrounded by inspiring and intriguing science, engineering, and technology.

In your schools or colleges, are there specific weeks or days that you recognise or always take part in?

Have you other creative ideas regarding how they could link to science? We’d love to hear your thoughts, email us!