If you’ve ever wondered about the history of sex, or the science behind the ‘male pill’, the British Science Festival is for you.

Leicester will come alive with science between Tuesday 13 – Saturday 17 September 2022 with over 100 free talks, experiences and performances. Don’t miss out on your chance to experience the British Science Festival’s most eclectic line-up yet, with events designed to surprise, challenge and delight.

Join us to dispel myths, break taboos and have fun in this very special selection of events centred on sex and fertility…

Making of the modern dad

With more support for shared parental leave and a growing rejection of dated gender stereotypes in the household, dads are more involved in childcare than ever.

At this lunchtime talk, a panel of experts will explore questions around the changing role of fathers from an evolutionary anthropologist's, social psychologist's and social neuroscientist's perspective.

12:00 – 13:00, Tuesday 13 September at De Montfort University



The maths of micro-swimmers

Micro-swimmers are microscopic objects with the ability to move through fluids. From bacteria to sperm, the presence of these little creatures can expose key information to inform the fields of climate change, health and evolution.

Join Rachel Bearon (University of Liverpool), as she shares her techniques from multiple fields to understand how the movement of micro-swimmers can tell us more about the world around us beyond mathematics.

16:00 – 17:00, Tuesday 13 September at De Montfort University



Sex, shame and stigma

More people are talking about sex and being sex-positive, but a lot of stigma persists. People in the sex industry are often still marginalised and suffer discrimination, such as disparaging jokes and assumptions being made about their own sex lives.

Kate Lister (Whores of Yore project and Leeds Trinity University) shares her experiences of being a sex historian, the stigma that comes with it and how together, we can work towards a more sex positive future.

19:30 – 20:30, Thursday 15 September at Leicester Museum & Art Gallery


Sex, shame and stigma is part of the Leicester Museum & Art Gallery takeover at the British Science Festival. Join us after closing time for an evening of hands-on activities, talks and pop-up stalls. Find out more here.


Tackling male infertility and the quest for male contraception

Join a panel of De Montfort University researchers and experts to discuss how infertility affects men.

Topics explored will include how new technologies have emerged to address male infertility and the continuing quest for the ‘male pill’.

14:00 – 15:00, Friday 16 September at De Montfort University



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