It has been a difficult year for everyone and with the holiday season now upon us, it can be a bit of a challenge to find new ways to keep your children entertained. So, we thought we would offer up a few fun-filled science-based suggestions stemming from our own CREST Home Learning packs for children of all ages. 

These are all activities that require very little resource and use easy-to-find equipment, that will offer a fun way to learn new skills during the break.  

If you like what you see and are keen to try out more fun-filled projects, simply download the Star or Superstar Home Learning packs! We also have our brand new British Science Week 2021 activity taster packs that you can download for free from the British Science Week website

We would like to wish you all a safe, happy and enjoyable holiday season! 
These activities are designed for children between the ages of five and seven, but can easily be adapted for younger children if you want. You can find these and more in the free Star Home Learning pack available on the CREST Awards website. 

Be Seen, Be Safe

With the winter months bringing us darker afternoons and evenings, now is the perfect opportunity for kids to learn about reflection and light with this fun activity! 

Children will be able to test how reflective different materials are and see if other variables affect how reflective the materials are. 

Click here to download the activity card

Confusing Cans

Get your children thinking about weights and investigating ramps with the cans in your pantry. The exercise also helps children think scientifically by conducting an experiment to figure out what is inside the cans. 

Don’t have cans? You can always freeze plastic bottles with liquid inside to see how the bottle rolls as the liquid thaws out! 

Click here to download the activity card
These activities are designed for children between the ages of seven and 11. You can find the following projects and more in our free Superstar Home Learning pack. 

Crafty Rafts 

Learning about weight distribution and buoyancy is easy with this fun activity that requires a piece of paper or foil, some marbles and a bowl of water! 

The Crafty Rafts activity is a chance for children to design a raft that they think will hold the most marbles. Why not get on board and take part alongside your children? 

Download the activity card here


Get set jellies

Who said science experiments couldn’t involve food? This activity will get children thinking about jelly and how it sets, and whether fresh fruit will set as easily as tinned fruit. 

And what’s more, there’s jelly to eat at the end of the experiment – hooray! 

Download the activity card here

Super spinners

Make your own helicopters at home with this simple activity that will see your children’s imagination take flight. 

There are so many things to learn from making these spinners, including what makes the paper fall in different ways and whether the size of the blades affects the way the spinner falls. It’s sure to create plenty of fun in the household on those wet winter days! 

Check out the activity card here