Science Live ( is an event platform which connects event organisers, science speakers and event volunteers together.  It makes the organising and participating in science events that much easier. 

Since its launch in March, our online community of science event organisers has been growing, allowing organisers, volunteers and speakers to find opportunities in their local area. 

For those of you still new to the idea, below explains what Science Live can do for you.

For event organisers

The website takes the hassle out of event organising.  When creating an event on Science Live, the registration process takes you through step by step all the parameters of the event.  From location and capacity to content and the type of speaker, nothing will be forgotten.  Once your event has been created, connections are made between your event and speakers or volunteers who match the criteria of what you’re looking for, thus saving you the time of scrolling through the directory of speakers and volunteers. 

However, you do still have the option of manually browsing the list of volunteers and speakers that have signed up, like a directory. 

For event volunteers

If you’re interested in dipping your toe into event organising or just want to help out behind the scenes, event volunteering is a great opportunity.  All you need to do is create a profile and select which type of events, audiences, subjects and locations you’d be interested in volunteering at. 

You will be contacted when event organisers that fit your criteria mark that they are looking for volunteers.  Alternatively, you can search through the events that are posted to see if volunteers are needed.  There may be a few events that catch your eye which you may not initially have considered volunteering at.  As a volunteer you can gain hands on experience about event organising and perhaps one day feel inspired to put an event on yourself! 

For speakers

If it is your first time speaking at event or you’re a seasoned pro, you have the option to opt for paid roles or voluntary and the subjects, event types, audiences and locations you’d prefer to speak at.

Just like volunteering, you will be contacted when an event organiser requests for speakers that fit your preference criteria.  You are also able to search manually for speaker opportunities through the events that have been published. 


Science Live is a science events registry for event organisers, volunteers and speakers.  It should be treated as an online community for these three disciplines to share ideas rather than a public events board.  We hope you enjoy using it and we’re excited to see this online community grow!