We're excited to bring you our new CREST Star and SuperStar activities, which are now FREELY available for download!

The resources are bursting with exciting activities to engage young people by challenging them to think about the world in which they live, through the fictional characters of Cosmic and Gem. It’s an opportunity to encourage young people to think creatively by discussing ideas in groups and questioning the status quo.

The activities include 'Brilliant Bubbles' which involves figuring out ways of blowing bubbles without using a bubble machine and 'Rainbow Collectors', where young people are challenged to search their environment to find colours of the rainbow.

CREST Activity: Brilliant Bubbles

'Blowing Bubbles' is just one of the many new CREST Star Activities

CREST Star which is typically completed by 5-7 year olds and CREST SuperStar by 7-11 year olds, can be ran in schools, clubs or at home. Once students complete eight activities they’ll receive a CREST Award certificate.

To run these activities with your students or children, download the applicable levels here: Star and SuperStar.

About CREST Awards

CREST Awards is our flagship education programme and it provides a framework for STEM project work that supports all students – not just future scientists – to leave school with the skills and confidence to discuss and shape scientific and technological advances in society, whatever their career choices.

It encourages pupils to learn by solving a problem or answering a question, rather than simply following instructions or being presented with information. The emphasis is on the process, not on finding a ‘right’ answer. By encouraging students not to view STEM as learning facts and doing experiments, but as sharing ideas and asking questions, the CREST Awards help to develop a culture of everyday science.

The scheme is the only nationally accredited scheme for STEM project work and can be completed in the classroom or at home.

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