Science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) are happening everywhere – in cars, at theme parks, under the sea and definitely in the classroom! However, the exciting world of STEM and its wide ranging opportunities are going unrecognised by young people. By 2022, the UK will need an additional 1.82 million people with engineering skills and now’s the time to get involved.  

 At this year’s British Science Festival at Swansea University, Siemens will launch their own unique STEM skills programme with digital badges, based on Siemens’ award-winning STEM education portal resources.

 Siemens is one of the first major UK employers and the first engineering company in the UK to create their own digital badges. By embracing this new way of rewarding skills beyond the classroom, Siemens aims to inspire a new generation to explore and get curious about the world of STEM. Digital badges is one of many projects forming part of Siemens Education and the Curiosity Project programme, designed to engage young people in considering a STEM career..


 What are Siemens digital badges?

 Siemens digital badges are a form of digital credentials built on Open Badge technology, intended to recognise and reward young people for developing skills required for industry. They will provide young people with a way to learn and develop STEM skills within and outside of the classroom. 

 The programme is designed to nurture and develop young people’s STEM skills, sparking children’s curiosity in STEM from as early as age 7, and developing work-ready skills and unlocking career opportunities for those aged 16+.  The scheme recognises and rewards skills required for the modern STEM industry through digital credentials.          

 Each badge contains criteria for the students to evidence their skills, and once this evidence is verified by a teacher (for Makewaves) or the Siemens Digital Badge Academy, a badge is awarded. The learner can then display the badge in a number of places across the web, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


How to get involved

 The Siemens digital badge programme will be available at no cost to learners through award-winning technology platforms from the City & Guilds group company:

  • Makewaves ( – for young people aged 7-13 years old.
  • Open Badge Academy ( – young people 13+ years old

 Young people can join as part of their school or on their own outside the classroom. Teachers can also sign up to get their class involved.


Visit Siemens Education to learn more about how to start earning badges today!