It's Volunteer's Week! To celebrate, we're shining a spotlight on all our wonderful, invaluable volunteers.

Today, we're featuring Svet Tsokov, one of our Sheffield branch members. Read his story below:

Svet Tsokov is Sheffield's Volunteer of the Month

Why did you start volunteering with the British Science Association?

One of the first BSA Sheffield activities I participated in was the Sheffield Food Festival 2017. I am interested in food and nutrition, and when there was an opportunity to help out on the day, I was more than happy to do so. The event was a success. We talked to hundreds of people about science, and it was fun as well. That very same day I applied formally to join the BSA.

What song could you not live without on a desert island?

"Crazy", Seal.

What’s your favourite memory of volunteering with us?

Operating the IR (Infra-Red) camera for the Fun Palaces event.

What is your dream holiday?

Sun, beach, sea in the morning and hiking in the afternoon on hills and mountains.

What motivates you to volunteer with the branch?

The volunteers involved with BSA Sheffield are some of the most amazing people you could ever meet in Sheffield. We all share a love for science, and the passion to talk to other people about the impact of science on our everyday lives.

Image credit: Ellen Bradley

Planet Earth or Blue Planet?

Planet Earth

What’s your favourite food?

Stuffed peppers

What’s your favourite event you’ve taken part in with the branch?

The Science of Wellbeing

What was your dream job when you were a child?

Scientist (entomologist)

What advice do you have for anyone wanting to get involved with the BSA?

Organising events for the BSA is time consuming, but also a very rewarding experience.

You can find out more about Svet's experiences with the BSA on the Sheffield branch's website, here.

Find out how you can volunteer with us, here.