As the uncertainty surrounding the school year continues to hamper teaching and planning efforts for 2021, the British Science Association would like to take this opportunity to offer its support to all teachers and education specialists at this difficult time. 
Our flagship programme, the CREST Awards, is a great opportunity for teachers and students to find certainty during this challenging period. The programme aligns strongly with the primary science curricula of all four UK nations – as shown in our new curriculum mapping tool resource – illustrating the value of the programme regardless of the changes that may occur in schools in the future. 
CREST is also extremely flexible and offers a number of activities requiring minimal resources. This makes CREST the perfect tool to teach science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) remotely and in a home setting. Its simplicity and reliability means that parents working from home can feel at ease knowing there are numerous free-to-run activities to help children develop their learning outside of a classroom setting. 
Download a copy of our free home learning pack or our primary curriculum mapping tool now to ensure you have some solid and reliable activities to hand, undeterred by local, regional or national lockdowns. 
If you have any questions or queries about CREST, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]
In these uncertain times, we hope you and your students will find comfort in the reliability, flexibility and simplicity of CREST.