You may have noticed a few changes across the British Science Association (BSA) recently. Every now and again, a good makeover is just what you need to freshen up and show off to the world who you really are. And we thought it was about time that the BSA had a little appearance change.

On Monday 26 June, we launched our new visual identity. The impactful, fresh branding has been developed to better reflect and communicate our mission and personality, whilst sitting alongside our strong core-brands, such as the CREST Awards.

So, we say goodbye to the old purple “splat” logo, and hello to a crisp, professional and slick design, which has been rolled out across the entire organisation and on all our platforms, including a brand-new website.

 Our new logo

This different look follows a big strategic review in 2014, where a clear vision and sense of organisational mission was implemented: to make science a more fundamental part of culture and society. This has been passionately delivered by our staff and volunteers, resulting in many exciting initiatives. However, it was recognised that this core identity could be more clearly, consistently and compellingly communicated to external audiences. 

The new look has been developed with London design agency, Juice by Design, who created it with the idea in mind to build our profile and credibility amongst audiences, including policy makers, the media, and volunteers.

Amy MacLaren, Director of Development and Communications at the British Science Association, says: "I'm thrilled with the work the team from Juice has done - not only in better articulating our vision and values whilst developing a professional look from a corporate perspective, but also in delivering a creative approach that works as the parent brand alongside our programme identities."

“As an organisation with many well-known national programmes, each of which has a distinct and professional sub-brand to engage specific audiences, the challenge to develop a new core brand identity for the British Science Association was no mean feat”

Jonathan Lock from Juice by Design says, "We were delighted to win the pitch for the rebranding of British Science Association. It was a hugely rewarding process to work with the team at BSA to define a strong, clear proposition that is backed up by a creative expression of this important charity’s work.  We’re so proud to play a part in giving the BSA a more coherent voice for the future.”

The new branding, which includes logos, fonts, and style guides, has been rolled out across all our digital platforms, printed collateral, and UK-wide branches.

We hope you like it as much as we do!