Since launching The Ideas Fund in January we have been busy working closely with our fantastic Development Coordinators to promote the Fund and provide application support to their local communities in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, Hull, North West Northern Ireland, and Oldham.

This began by creating a short video to introduce the Fund - you can find our Fund video playlist here.

We then hosted three national webinars throughout February and March, each of which were followed by a short blog including links to the recordings, a written summary and follow-on reflection sheet plus a Q&A document which are all available below.

Webinar 1

The first webinar provided an overview of The Ideas Fund. We talked about the application process, who and which type of groups might be eligible, available support and the exciting possibilities that can come from communities and researchers working together.

Webinar 2

Our second webinar explored what mental wellbeing means for communities and researchers. We shared an update on the application process including clarifying how researchers can get involved and the support available plus what we at The Ideas Fund mean by ‘mental wellbeing’. We also discussed wider perspectives on mental wellbeing and why we must focus on marginalised communities in these partnerships.

Webinar 3

For our third webinar we explored what a strong and equitable community-researcher partnership might look like. We also shared further updates on the Fund process including the application process and what can be budgeted for, along with a discussion about what a good partnership looks like in different contexts.

Our Development Coordinators ran a series of regional workshops in each area during this time, providing an opportunity to start discussing potential ideas. We also introduced our Development Coordinators in a series of blogs, explaining why the Fund is so important in their regions and the difference it could make.

  • Introducing Roisin McLaughlin - Development Coordinator for  North West Northern Ireland
  • Introducing Harriet Johnson - Development Coordinator for Hull
  • Introducing Paolo Arru - Development Coordinator for Oldham
  • Introducing Lewis Hou - Development Coordinator for the Scottish Highlands and Islands

The application form will open in early April, and further details about the Fund can be found on The Ideas Fund website.

Before you apply you should speak to the Development Coordinator in your local area. They can tell you more about The Ideas Fund, and are able to offer advice and support with your application. You can find the contact details for the Development Coordinator in your region here: