by Louis Stupple-Harris, Research and Campaigns Manager

We’re kicking off the new year by updating our audience segmentation map to reflect new things we learned in 2017. I’ve written about our map before, and the surveys and evaluation that have helped us to develop it.

Now, the map has been given a makeover in our new brand colours, and we’ve tweaked some of the text to better explain how the different groups feel and behave around science. 

Audience segmentation map

The map helps us design activities for different groups, and check new ideas against our aims. It has four groups: 

  • Professionals - people who produce or curate scientific knowledge
  • Engaged - people who are enthusiastic about science and seek out information and events
  • Inactive - people who are interested in science but make no particular efforts to engage
  • Not interested - people who see science as not for them

We’ve renamed the ‘Interested’ group ‘Inactive’, to highlight that while there’s an openness to science, people in this group don’t make a special effort to learn or talk about it. We’ve also updated the groups' icons to make them clearer.

In 2018 we’ll be asking more detailed questions about each of the groups, to build our understanding of what motivates them to engage with or avoid science. We’ll also be looking at the background and characteristics of these groups, to see how they overlap with our work on Diversity and Inclusion.

Get in touch if you’d like to talk about our work to understand our audiences.