British Science Association grants

We currently provide a range of funds to support branches in the development and delivery of their event programmes. These sources of funding are dependent the BSA receiving funding from different sponsors and funders, so may change each year.

Strategic grants

Each summer, branches can apply for strategic grants of up to £500 to support the delivery of local events and activities that promote the BSA's vision and reach our target audiences. Grants can be used to support the running of particular events, or to support the general running of the branch, so long as the branch can demonstrate that your current events align with the BSA’s vision. 

You can find the 2018 grant guidelines here

British Science Week grants

For British Science Week we offer grants from £300 - 1000 to support branch events. Grant applications for British Science Week open the autumn before. Please see the following page for more details.

Other branch grants

In addition to these three main grants, the BSA also provides funding for branches to participate in other projects. Recently, these have included grants for Future Debates (past phases having been robotics and genomic data privacy) and Science and Religion: Exploring the Spectrum.

Other sources of funding

External grant schemes

Many learned societies and other organisations also provide small grants. The BSW guide to funding is packed with helpful advice about grant applications, and also has a list of some of the grants available this year. The Funding Central Database is also a great place to look for local trusts which may be able to help support your branch. Finally, our branches fundraising toolkit is an extensive source of information about all things fundraising related, including grant applications.